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About Pure Silk Embroidery Threads

We offer a good quality range of silk embroidery thread (yarn) which is of fine shine and appearance. Nagpal thread is a reputed name as the perfect quality embroidery thread supplier and manufacturer Delhi in India, along with the export, trading, and import in other countries also. We also provide the online services in India .We assure the level of fineness to be the best and deliver the products on time to achieve the maximum client satisfaction.

We offer the variety of colors and versions of yarn, as per the client’s requirements, with which they can select the best suitable option. The silk thread is very suitable to be stitched and sewed into a flawless fabric because of the features it possesses.

Silk- The Hub of Positive Features

It is a lustrous fiber with the elasticity at its most, while it also has the translucency property which acts good for the reflection feature. It is a strong thread but finer than the human hair. Also, it dyes well and so soft that people love to wear it being really comfortable. With the good insulation properties, it is also supposed to be suitable well for the cleanliness and wash ability, and when the surface grab the dirt, they are supposed to be dry cleaned which retains the original appearance of the cloth. It is also suggested to do not apply bleach or soap to this fiber as the chlorine of it may harm the cloth.

Being an animal product, the silk is produced from the cocoons of the silk moth, and prepared by separating and converting it into fine threads, before its maturation. This is because after maturation, they may break the silk and cotton yarn. So they killed in the middle stage and then boiled to separate and being transformed into a yarn.

Each silk embroidery thread consists of 6 strands, and depends on the kind of fabric made; these strands are separated and used, but not all at a single go, as it is tough to maintain them. So they are used as a bunch of 2, 3, or 4 strands. Each this strand, also consist of a minute 2 tiny plies.

Stranded Cotton Embroidery Thread

Stranded cotton is fine quality embroidery floss, used for the range of embroidery designs. As name implies it consists of multiple strands in a single thread, specifically 6 in a single thread. It is very smooth and pleasurable to use for stitching and the cloth produced is so smooth and comfortable to wear

Nagpal thread factory also deals in cable ties, seal tags, tag and loop pins along with all kinds of the threads in other countries as well. The team of us is highly dedicated to assure any kind of the flaw will not be there in our service.