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Hook and Loop Fasteners for Fabric

Hook and Loop Fasteners is a kind of fastening material, which is a very useful product for industries in various application areas. Keeping this in mind, we, at Nagpal Thread Factory delivers the best quality Hook and Loop Fasteners for Fabric to be used by range of customers.

This fastener has a kind of dual part structure, where one end consists of tiny hooks, while other with small loops. When both these parts are pressed, they used to join together as strong bond and a adhesive strength, which remain till they are not separated. This bond had been used in various areas where a temporary bond is required.

While using this fastening product, the cost of sewing, bulk adhesive bonding, solvent activation, etc has been minimized ,as it uses the pressure sensitive bonding. Hook and Loop Fasteners for Fabric is of great use in various events at home like

  • Binding the curtains
  • Lace less shoes
  • In bathroom and garage for holding the items
  • In medical areas

  • At Nagpal Thread Factory, we made the fine quality products with genuine precision applied during manufacturing. The products went through series of tests during the entire manufacturing process, from a raw product to a fully furnished processed form. At each step, every small flaw has been minimized and at the final stage, we deliver the clients with the flawless results.