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A fast growing manufacturer of Cotton Threads in India

Nagpal Threads is one of the renowned cotton yarn manufacturers in India, providing the customers with a range of good quality material. It is a Delhi based firm, which is in the market for around 30 years, giving the best quality services to the customers. The products that we provide include raw textile material, seal tags, cable ties, and all varieties of cotton and nylon strings.

We are the popular exporter, supplier and importer in the other countries as well including Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Bangladesh. The stuff we prepare is well known for its unmatchable quality as our aim is to provide the clients with the best quality service. The products here are of varied colors and sizes offering the clients with utmost satisfaction, as this is our main priority.

Turning the cotton into a fine thread involves a series of steps.

  • During this process, the bales of cotton are cleaned initially.
  • Then, they are stretched.
  • At last, they are twisted to produce a thin yarn which can be used further to make a good quality fabric.

Cotton Yarn Suppliers

We, Nagpal threads is the popular cotton yarn suppliers and manufacturers, as we produce range of products, to deliver our clients with the satisfied results. Being a thread manufacture from years, we believe in delivering the performance as it is the top priority for us. We are dedicated to offer customers desired results on time as we know the cruciality of time and the importance of commitment.

We also exist as a sewing thread manufactures in India for delivering the people with the perfection as this division of thread is so fragile to manage. Mere flaw in the work will result in the loss of investment, material, labor, garment and time as well. Moreover some basic features will be there in it to achieve the desired performance, which includes fineness, thickness, lustre and color.

A thread with a uniform diameter is a must for stitching as an uneven thread may be damaged or be blocked at the eye of the needle. It must also have the good elasticity to recover its original length when released. Color fastness is also required when being exposed to the different levels of manufacturing, along with the resistance to the chemical attack and moreover the ability to shrink low. Absence of faults and good abrasion is also a required factor.

Cotton is so much preferred among the crowd form so many varieties available in the market because of the comfort it gives. So it is widely used to be spun into yarn or other kind, and thus making it a soft, comfortable and breathable textile to use.

They are as follows:

  • 100% cotton embroidery thread 30s/2x6 8m/skein 24skein/box
  • 100% cotton sewing thread 40s/2, 50s/2, 3000m, 5000m...
  • 100% cotton thread pearl 9s/2 5g/ball, 8g/ball, 10g/ball
  • 100% cotton thread pearl 6s/3 50g/ball, 100g/ball
  • 100% polyester thread 120d/2, 150d/2 5000y for embroidery
  • 100% rayon thread 120d/2, 150d/2 5000y for embroidery.
  • 100% polyester sewing thread 40s/2, 50s/2, 40s/3, 30s/3, 20s/3, 100m, 300m, 500m, 800m, 1000m, 2000m, 5000m, 10000m, 12000m
  • 1005 poly-poly sewing thread 40s/2, 40s/3 5000y
  • 100% nylon thread, 210d/2, 100g/tube